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The central government announced that companies and factories could not start work before Feb. 3rd, 2020. After this announcement from central governments, the more and more local government announced their policies about when to return to work. Most of the local governments don’t allow companies and factories open before Feb. 9th, 2020, and a few local governments ask companies and factories closed until they think the coronavirus is in control by them.

Most people are afraid to return to work because they have to return to their workplaces by train, plane, or bus. Traffic tools crew so that people be worried about cross-infection. Offices are other high-density places. Therefore people desire to work at home for a longer time.

Governments announced two research results:

So, people who will or have returned to work must be worried about that:

From the news, the central government has made many economic policies to protect small and medium companies. All these policies focus on rent, employee salary, tax, shares, and credit. But people are not sure these policies effective. Because people afraid to walk on the streets and talk to each other, restaurants and malls can not have customers as many as before.

In my opinion, private enterprises can not afford employee salaries without business. For example, the tourism industry must be damaged soon, because few people are brave enough to have a trip to any other city for days. However, not all trades will be destroyed, instead, some industries are facing a new opportunity that is most people prefer to stay at home to be on the street. For example, the game industry, especially, the mobile game industry, reasons are:

God bless China and the Chinese people!


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