Mi Guoliang


More death, suspected, and confirmed cases than yesterday, and there is still no effective cure for this disease. More and more countries, such as the United States and Japan, have joint to the battle to coronavirus, and more and more famous news media are focus on this topic. Therefore, the struggle to coronavirus in China has evolved into a worldwide fight to coronavirus.

In the past recent days, less lousy news appears in unofficial channels so that people who are far away from Wuhan relaxed vigilance gradually, more and more people walked on the street, I think, they were trying to return to their healthy lives. With the release of rework time from the central and local governments, people thought everything had been in control.

However, with the latest data was published earlier today. The streets are quiet again. Incidents of residents reporting their relatives appear in official and unofficial news. The basketball court in my residential area has been closed entirely from now on, and the residential sector has been dark from 8:00 PM. Fewer people and private cars in the streets. The air is getting nervous than before.

Another major cause of tension is that rework is approaching. The central government has formulated a basic rework policy, and local governments and industry management departments have expressed more detailed strategies for their specific situations. People worry about how to protect themselves in the office.

So far as I know, most companies are extending their Chinese New Year holiday to Feb. 9th. Part of government departments and most public service departments and companies give up or shorten holidays. That’s great for people.

For now, people don’t worry about food, water, power, and networks at all. Instead, people worry about their jobs, incomings, companies, and heath in the future. People are waiting for the medical breakthrough to coronavirus.

My best wishes to China, my motherland, I am loving and living in.


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