My 2018

Mi Guoliang

In 2018, I have many opportunities to grow my business, but all are out of control at last. What a terrible year for me it is. Thus I have to spend much more time on review my 2018 to find out reasons and solutions.

Sugar projects

Sugar tastes good, but little help for health. Some projects are the same with it. Bad projects waste much more time and low positive affect on my primary business than the good ones. However, it’s hard to drop them because of money, though the fact is that the money is not enough to cover the cost at last. Therefore, I will not accept sugar projects in 2019 and focus on my primary business.

Reading & Writing

I read more about development and less about others than before in 2018, and it’s hard to say better or worse, but I feel bored in this situation. I write a little on the blog, and it’s not good absolutely. So I start my blog with on the last day of 2018; I will share tips, skills and ideas on it in my writing styles that short and useful in 2019.

My baby was born

My baby was born in 2018; it’s fantastic for me, and my life changed. His coming brings much more happiness to my family. We enjoy it, and thanks for the giving of lives. I hope he is happy and healthy forever.

Thanks to my family, I could not imagine my life without you. I love you:-)

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